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Cookie cake – Procedure Text

Cookie cake – Procedure Text

Cookie cake - Procedure Text
Cookie cake – Procedure Text

Cookie cake – Cake is a cake that is loved by many people and almost all regions of this type of cake dumplings.

– 200 grams of flour
– 3 whole chicken eggs
– 2 egg yolks
– 300 milli of coconut milk
– 70 milliard of warm water
– 1 tablespoon of yeast cake
– 1 tablespoon of salt
– 150 grams of granulated sugar
– 130 grams of cheese
– 130 grams of meisis chocolate

How to make:
– Cut or grate the cheese as the topping. Then mix the cake yeast with warm water and stir it until it dissolves. After completely dissolved, set aside.
– Boil coconut milk, stirring constantly so that the coconut milk does not clot or break. This is done until the coconut milk boils, after boiling the fire can be killed and let the coconut milk warm.
– Then put the cake yeast into the mixture and add warm coconut milk. Stir again until all the ingredients are evenly mixed or there are no lumps even if small. After that, leave it for about 15 to 25 minutes.
– Prepare a cake mold or baking pan on the stove over low heat. High heat must be avoided so that the cake does not burn or only partially cooked.
– After that, apply cake mold with margarine. Then the dough can be poured into the mold until it is almost full and cover briefly. After a few minutes open the lid and add cheese or meises or other toppings according to taste. Then cover again until cooked.
– When the cake is deemed cooked, then remove the pinch from the mold. Then serve the cake as a family friend or prepare to sell or greet an important day.